Flexible floor plans

Austral Homes have been making dreams come true. Our specialised design team can modify any of our existing floors plans to suit your lifestyle. We offer a truly flexible design service. Add your touch to your home – make rooms bigger, take out a toilet, add a study… with Austral Homes the possibilities are endless!

Fixed priced contracts

No surprises here! We are able to provide fixed priced contracts. Our years of experience and rapport with suppliers and staff means peace of mind for you. Our competitive pricing and quality product selection means you always get best value for your money – locked in!

Energy efficiency

As utility prices rise, building an energy efficient home is more important than ever. While most builders deliver 4 or 5-star energy rating homes, Austral Homes insists on 6-star energy efficiency rating on every home we build.

Our products and techniques help us achieve above standard energy ratings. Quality insulation, energy efficient electricity, solar hot water panels and sarking under roof tiles are just some of the things we include in our homes. In the long run,Austral Homes’ homes save our clients money by keeping energy consumption low.

Quality you can trust

At Austral Homes we believe that quality craftsmanship deserves quality products. We have handpicked only the most trusted and reputable Australian suppliers and use their products in our homes. Our suppliers are at the forefront of innovation giving you the assurance that you are receiving absolute quality at the best price. If you have any questions regarding any of the building products we use on our homes, just ask one of our friendly staff members.

Custom designed homes

Austral Homes has been built on the back of 10 years of custom home design experience. Unlike most volume builders, we excel in custom designed homes – it is our bread and butter!

Hundreds of home owners throughout Melbourne’s northern and western suburbs and various housing estates around Victoria are enjoying their unique homes. Our aim has always been to provide superior quality, affordability and style in our homes. Our innovative and detail approach to all our projects is key for us in exceeding our client’s expectations.